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Edward: A Holiday Rock Opera

Director/Choreographer/Concept: Angela Harriell

Book: Angela Harriell with David F. Slone, Esq., & Julie Megan Smith

Musical Director: Corn Mo (a.k.a.: Jon Cunningham)

Sound/Video Editor: David F. Slone, Esq.

"Unholy" choreography by Judah Frank 

"Shrub" choreography by Jennifer Carlson and Duane Gosa

"Edward's jail time" choreography by Duane Gosa

"Joyce's song" choreography by Julie Megan Smith

"Ice Dance" flag choreography by Jennifer Carlson 

"The End in the Castle" fight staging by Judah Frank, Duane Gosa, Audrey Marinda Borst, Julie Megan Smith and Jennifer Carlson


Cast: Angela Harriell, Audrey Marinda Borst, Corn Mo (a.k.a.: Jon Cunningham), David F. Slone, Esq., Duane Gosa, Emma Craig, Jennifer Carlson, Judah Frank, Julie Megan Smith & Tsubasa "Subie" Ogawa


Based on the story and characters created by Tim Burton


Poster Artwork by Adriano Moraes

The Love Show creates and performs heartfelt, world class, original dance and theater at a price point that the average New Yorker can afford. We are supported by people like you. If you want to donate to support this project, or future ones that are in the works, please click here. We need you to help us keep making work and supporting our artists.


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